Ciclismo cycling Australia -Cycle training,Clothing, ITALY TOURS

Ciclismo cycling Australia -Cycle training,Clothing, ITALY TOURS

Ciclismo cycling Australia -Cycle training,Clothing, ITALY TOURS Ciclismo cycling Australia -Cycle training,Clothing, ITALY TOURS Ciclismo cycling Australia -Cycle training,Clothing, ITALY TOURS



Enjoy your riding ! Organised group & personal sessions for the experienced & beginner cyclists

Have fun and get fit at the same time! We have organised group as well as personal training for all cyclists from experienced to beginners. 

Ciclismo training encourages riders to practice good technique by learning to be efficient & riding safely.  Everyone is welcome to join us any rider from any club. See FAQs below for more information on our training.



Once a year we experience a World Tour event - the Giro d'Italia. We also take in beautiful  Italy with everything it has to offer ... the food, culture and the riding of course!  Other tours are the Bathurst Cycling Classic & the annual Giro d'Bright in Bright Victoria & weekends away. 



We now have our online store up and running so we can sell our cool cycling kit Built By Cuore. And in another first, we also sell quality used bikes. Just view our featured products. 


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Ciclismo cycling training in Centennial Park

Training,Tours,Cycle clothing & Used Quality Bicycle sales

We provide cycle training to anyone & any club from Juniors to Senior riders. There is no membership fee you only pay for the training you attend. Our focus is to help riders achieve there goals & practice safe riding techniques ,keep motivated & have fun too! 

Training details:

Group training Wednesday/Friday 5.45am to 7am from Centennial Park Sydney Australia

Personal sessions for any level rider 6am to 7am Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or also now available during the day time on weekdays from Centennial Park Sydney Australia.

Apart from our  Tours & Cycling kit we have now opened our Online store to quality used Bicycles so keep checking as we have more bikes arriving soon.

Coming events

Once a year we travel to Italia to experience ride/watch parts of the Giro d'Italia. Riding the most famous mountain passes like the Passo Stevlio & the Gavia to name only a few. With our cycle clothing line Built by Cuore we also offer the best quality & the most comfortable too! Locally we support the Bathurst Cycling Classic sportive each year & run a weekend Tour to support riders in the event. Dates 14th to 15th of March 2020.  

This year our we are offering an 8 day Giro D'Italia Tour experience seeing three stages & riding parts of the course. For riders that want more we are offering the full 15 day tour .If its Tuscany & the Italian lakes that interests you we are also offering this tour option separately.  See web shop in Cycling Tour section for more information:

Training camp late 2020

Following this the next event see us in  Bright Victoria (Giro d'Bright) 

Over 4 days we provide guided rides & accommodation & 1 dinner, 21st to 25th November 2020 

See our Online shop to book your spot!

For more detailed information please email us.

Founder of Ciclismo Cycling group & Testimonials


Daniele Vanolini

Daniele started coaching in 2001 working with riders who wanted to join cycling clubs, social group rides or to race. At that time, there weren’t many options for those who had bikes but wanted to learn how to ride efficiently and safely. Daniele continues to focus on technique, skills and drills to make members better and safer riders. The by product of cycling more efficiently and with more control is that you become faster and stronger while minimising overuse injuries. He offers twice weekly group training sessions based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and also personal sessions to focus on specific areas for improvement and for beginners.

Daniele has coached the winning female team triallists in the NSW Masters championship and continues to assist Randwick Cycling Club with their team time trial training resulting in a couple of medals in 2019. Daniele himself races Masters and competes in the National and State team time trials and has achieved medals in both championships.  Daniele also runs the Junior program for Randwick giving young riders a great base to enjoy their cycling and make sure that they become safe and skilled riders for whatever they may want to do next.

Ciclismo coaching focuses on posture on the bike and the skills needed to race or ride Gran Fondos/sportifs/charity rides or just being a safe member of your group or club ride. The training has developed to include riders new to cycling as well as more experienced riders who just want some fun and different training with a group of similar riders.

Ciclismo cycle training is a great addition to training programs as the team work on riders’ skills and drills helping them achieve their cycling goals by becoming better, more skilled and stronger riders.  The group prides itself in being inclusive and offering something for people at all levels in their cycling careers. Daniele with his Italian family background also takes cycling tours to Italy each year and also conducts training camps in Bright Victoria and tours in the Bathurst region. 


Hi Daniele,

Just a quick email to thank you very much for the attention this morning.

The biggest reward for me is the feeling of being so much better on the bike that I ever been.  It is incredible that I had to wait until 45 years old to reach the speeds I can ride now.  It always amazes me to think that I can be better than when I was young, fit and riding in a racing club.  Especially considering my love of food and wine that I discovered since my young age.

I did cycle a lot last year, to be ready for L’Etape, but always training by myself.  I thought at the time that I had reached my pinnacle, and that Ciclismo would just allow me to enjoy that fitness with others.  But your training exercises, the opportunity to push myself with faster riders have been a revelation.  I have improved so much, and I accredit it all to Ciclismo.  

I love your imagination to come up with new exercises all the time, keeping things new and interesting.  Your spilt of the group allows everybody to enjoy the same personal achievements.

You also have a brand like no one else, which you must be proud of.  The other training groups & clubs must be jealous.  Your attention on gender equality adds further value to the brand.

So, thank you so much for welcoming me at Ciclismo, and everything you gave me through the training.  I can only wish to keep riding with you for many more years.

Have a great Christmas break, see you in 2020.


Hi Dan and Anna,

Bit random, but just thought i'd write and say hello! I really enjoy still getting the ciclismo newletters and seeing what you are up to and reading about all the great achievements of the Ciclismo riders!!! I still very much miss the wed/fri sessions. Last year was a bit of a write off for me on the bike... however it wasn't totally unproductive as we did add a 3rd (surprise) bub to our family which has been really lovely! I decided to take up track cycling at xmas to get fit again and motivated to get back on the bike... the dubbo cycle club has some very strong riders so joining the team pursuit team was probably a bit ambitious fitness wise, however they dragged me along to the state and national masters where we had some pretty respectable results (silver medal at state and bronze medal at nationals). What i lacked in fitness (turns out 6 weeks is not enough time to get track fit!!!) I made up for somewhat in technique... thanks to all the ciclismo drills (one leg pedaling, high cadence drills, no braking in the pack - smooth riding was particularly useful given the lack of brakes and gears on a track bike!). I'm super grateful for all the skills, tips and tricks you passed on in your training sessions - as i've noticed out here those skills generally don't come naturally to most riders and have to be learnt and practiced, so thank you again!!! Hopefully this year i'll be able to get fit again on the bike and find some cycling goals to achieve! It was also a very pleasant surprise to bump into Shariff at the state track masters!

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!

Cheers, Karen.

Summer is here!

Just arrived new stock of Ciclismo Azzurro Team short sleeve jerseys ready for summer & Ciclismo Team BIB Shorts  available now too! see web shop for details. 

Next event is the Bathurst Cycling Classic book your spot for this weekend away!

Dates are 14th to 15th of March 2020


What happens at group training mornings on Wednesday & Friday?

Depending on the riders attending we normally tailor the session to the suit the riders fitness & skill level on the morning. Best described as the cycling boot camp of road cycling! you turn up & we have a plan for you so you can focus on your cycling.

Meeting is at Centennial Park but where do you ride to on Wednesday & Friday mornings?

Every session is different but during the summer months we do different loops/drills in the Centennial Park area but in winter as it is cold & very dark we select different routes around the Eastern Suburbs & conduct different drills either on a climb or flat road for example.

Do I need to wear the ciclismo cycling kit when I ride with the group?

You can wear whatever you like to train with us there is no pressure to purchase the kit. Just ride we say!!

How do I get started? do you need my details?

Easy just email us & we will send you some forms to fill in & return. Once you have completed the forms you can start anytime. 

Is Ciclismo cycling a registered cycling  club with Cycling Australia?

We are not a registered cycle club we are a rider training group & we develop rider skills & fitness with a strong focus on technique & safety . We are qualified cycle coaches through  Cycling Australia & have many riders training with us from different  clubs locally & internationally. There is no membership fee you only pay for the training sessions you attend.

Cycling kit query: If something is not in stock how long will I be waiting? 

It will normally take up to 6 weeks to arrive. Email us for further information on exact delivery times.

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